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Since the shutdown of public schools, colleges, and universities in Connecticut due to COVID-19, I decided to create an e-video series called Teaching Online. This series follows the “how-to” format consisting of online teaching and learning skills for teachers to use for virtual learning.

Each video is less than 6 minutes. All episodes are available on my website. I am happy to release the pilot episode of this exclusive series.


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Think about this word: Homosapian.

The word ‘homo’ means human. And the word
‘sapian’ means think. Put these two words together, and homosapian is a human who thinks. However, I do not believe, even the slightest, that we are humans who think.

So, I have to add another ‘sapian’ to the word.

And then, we have a new word:




And this is who we are: Humans that think
about our thinking.

Similar to composing, our minds work best when
learning, thinking, and creativity is both interest-driven and production based. The essence of learning,
thinking and creativity is in the overseeing of large-scale blueprints first, then delighting in details. It operates similar to structural glue – not outwardly obvious
in many cases.

Think, learn, and create in the moment.



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