A Moment of Proudness

A few times since I had this blog in – through posting thoughts, ideas and commentary – in the occasionally rare criticism, I have made the following remark: “My humble hat is staple to my head.” It is true. Ok, perhaps not stapled but most assuredly my humble hat is gorilla-glued on. I may not seem humble, since according to my mother “I exaggerate on my blog posts” but that is someone who does not have the chance to be in my shoes to experience what life has to offer for me. Everyone, including me, is quick to deflect congratulatory statements from others by passing them to people because (at least I can speak for myself) in my heart, I truly believe they are the ones who deserve the kudos. By defining who these people are, I refer to the people at SCSU TV for letting me host Southern Connecticut State University’s second annual Southern Duel, a version of Family Feud. It was incredible to experience what it was like to host a talk show. It is them that deserve the credit. I am just the caretaker, the custodian and the one who guides the ship but does not make it run.
Perhaps there is some flaw in this approach, but I have never really liked the whole “It is not them, it is not them, it is me” thing. The reason for this is simple: without THEM, there is no ME. I have learned a little over the last few years to simply say “thank you” when moments of congratulations present themselves. It is hard for me; only those closest to me know and understand that. The outside world sees the demanding, dictatorial rules with an iron fist man like me who stands before a crowd of hundreds and sucks up the applause. If only you knew how much truth lies in the notion: “It is not you, it is the position.”
And yet, every once in a while a moment comes along in a person’s life when one has to remove the humble hat and take a bow – mom, bare with me because this will be challenging.
The people who developed and ran the event tonight were Juliemar, Tre, Mike, Connor, Kyle, and the rest of the people (you know who you are). For the moment you leave out ones you should have included because you forgot their names, I give my sincerest apologies for that.
I learned about what it was like to be a host for a game show from the moment I walked on the stage to begin speaking tonight. This idea became more pronounced as the show went on. In turn, it was enhanced and reinforced during my time hosting the Southern Duel event. However, all those lessons, values, ethics and conversations with the people who participated as contestants did not crystalize until I simmered a bit during the broadcast, and began to figure out that I was having my moment of proudness. In the end, all I ever really need to know – I learn through my experiences I have. Experience is the best teacher. This experience confirms what I said.
I was honored, humbled, and most grateful to have hosted SCSU’s second annual Southern Duel event. I could share stories for hours and hours about all the joys and tears during that moment in my life, like I could with millions of other moments I have had in all my active careers I have and in life. However, that is for when I and others sit around the nursing home and not for this moment. While it is bittersweet not to be able to share this moment with absent friends and the broadcast has ended, I know they, like other people working with people in this world are standing on the deck of the ship that we will all board one day when we will continue rule the seas, together.
For the sake of SCSU TV, we are indeed all good men and women. That was my moment of proudness. We all should be proud of a successful event we had this year. Memories will be with us forever. This moment was one more I can add to the books … and more to come!

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