An Interesting Night

I guess I have to add to the post I wrote before this one, because it, interestingly enough, it related 100% … It was scary.
I am finishing work on Saturday, and I was on my way to the show my band was playing. All of a sudden, I was driving, and I brake too close because the trunk of my car came open; and, I hit the car in front of me (ALMOST!). So, I get out of my car to see if everyone is okay; and, to my amazement, no one is hurt, AND there is NO DAMAGE TO THE PERSON’S CAR! I was happy with that, and that everyone was okay; but, the fact of that matter is, that I did not get a ticket for “following too close” or for “driving without a license.”
To my amazement, when the officer came to talk to me, he was young, and I told him, as an honest Eagle Scout would, that I was driving without a license. He said to me, “Only an asshole cop would give you a ticket. I am not going to give you a ticket, because I am going to look you up in my database, like a good cop does when doing his or her job.” So, I gave him my information, coupled with my registration, and he said that I was good. He then proceeded to say, “Now, if you gave me an attitude, then I would give you a ticket.” Then, the bass player and good friend of my band came to the scene, and told the officer how incredible of a kid I was. He said he believed it. I told him not to get ahead of himself, and that he did not need to lie. So, then I exchanged numbers with the girl, in case there was damage, so I could pay for it. Then, I left for my show. However, there is a lesson I learned, coupled with a humble feeling from what happened (even though my car is damaged).
The lesson I learned was that I have to make sure I drive with a license. I could have gotten a ticket for that. But nope. Also, I learned to make sure that I do not brake close to cars. I could have gotten a ticket for that. But nope. What matters the most, is the humble feeling I had from this, which is what the cop told me.
The cop told me that when he was younger, he was stupid, got into accidents, as well as he bragged about driving without necessities; he said that he could not brag about those things anymore, because he was a police officer. The fact of the matter, is that he had the heart to forgive me- something that people, like me, have a very hard time doing. This also proved the fact that our neighboring towns have great relationships with police officers, unlike the police in St. Louis with that horrendous shooting. The fact that I made two mistakes that night, and someone else forgave me for those mistakes, is something (a feeling) that could never be taken away. The only way I can pay that police officer back, is to make sure I am paying attention to the road, and driving with necessities that I need, in case of accidents like this or in emergencies.
With that, I left to head to the show, because in the music business (thanks Tom for teaching me this when I was 10) … the show must go on!
Not to mention: the person who trained that police officer who forgave me, came to the show with his wife … that says enough in itself to make it an interesting night, but a thankful night, indeed.

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