Being Something “Bigger” Than Yourself

It is hard to imagine someone like me having the power to help someone out. Each person in this world has the power to do the same. We have no power in reality, but we can give power to someone else without us even knowing it. Sounds cool, huh? How is this possible? I had a swimming student who was in a level two class of mine this past session (which ended today), and he came out of the water happy. I went to his mother afterwards to talk to her about private lessons with me, and she told me that her son actually lost weight because he took the level two swimming class I taught. I was so happy inside; it was a great feeling. As I was in the water today, watching the swimmers swim to and from the middle of the pool, I noticed myself smiling knowing they are smiling because they are swimming, I noticed other people watching, which made me smile (even a parent inquired about their son taking lessons next session from me!), and I noticed the smile in the eyes of each parent as they watched their son or daughter swim without my help.
I guess the deeper meaning of the opening sentence of this post is knowing something, such as getting people to know how to swim can having a lasting impact on them. People doing great things, such as that parent who said his son lost weight over the course of the two week session, and making people smile when someone else accomplishes something new is what I like to call “being in the moment.” It is a privilege-one that I am proud of creating. To bring joy in the lives of people, and to steer them clear of their bad feeling(s) and day(s) for 45 minutes in my lesson or any day, for that matter, even hearing that someone lost weight after swimming with me for two weeks IS being something bigger than yourself. Hopefully people in this world can be something bigger than themselves. I know I was.

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