Each Moment Together

You do the math … not complicated algorithms … do simple math for me. As of next Wednesday, which is the night of our first ever performance at SCSU, each small ensemble that will be performing (Latin Jazz, Jazz and Blues) will have spent over 300 hours both together working on parts, and separately working on parts combined. In two weeks of October, the university, most importantly, us new freshman, will be half way done with the semester! When considering that a 3 credit course at Southern Connecticut requires about 45 hours of class time, YOU have to question the sanity of the average college student – who is a music student. However, that post is for another day! Anyway, it goes without saying us music students fulfill our required hours for the 1 credit course of each ensemble we take, by the conclusion of the semester and/or of the school year. This alone, should make the average person (you), [well the person who understands what music means to someone like me], tremble at the amount of time a student sacrifices to be part of music: something bigger than his/herself. It did not take much to arrive at the decision to attend private lessons and rehearsals this week, even though I have the bad allergies (or cold, but who knows). Why? We, including I, have been going non-stop since August 28th, trying to manage school work on top of music stuff. It is close to midterm time and a part of me is all set in the throws of fall semester “plague.” In an effort to not be like that, I have not canceled music lessons or rehearsals, because it would affect me that much. In addition, music is more important than a sport (even though I am an athlete), because no matter how bad it is, we are family, making sure we build a stronger relationship with each other each day, and we NEVER cancel practice, unlike the sports teams in whatever situation occurs. Each day, we musicians make it a priority to better ourselves by WALKING THE WALK, not talking the talk. That makes us, taking a break for once, feel great that we have a much needed break! One question remains though. That is: what does an active musician like me do with a weekend of no gigs or rehearsals? Finally, I get to stay on campus for the weekend. Here is the list of items that have either already been accomplished, or are in the process of being crossed off the “To-Do List” that I created:
  • Sleep, with no stress
  • Homework (if I get assignments)
  • Vacuum
  • Do two loads of laundry
  • Get a bus pass
  • Consider getting a membership to the fitness center
  • Call parents and other family members
So … is this how college students and active musicians like me live? I think so!
Relax and ENJOY the period of time that you spend with people. For all musicians buddies, relax and ENJOY before the culminating part one of our semester: our small ensemble performance. Make the most of each moment together, because it is going to race by at rapid speed!

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