Giving Is Receiving

I finished a gig at The Grange in Wolcott. When I entered the place, I knew it needed the support from the town, other members of the Wolcott community and people from other communities. It was a nice place, with nice people that made you feel like you were at home. It was hard to go downstairs to the basement, where it needed a makeover, because you knew that people work so hard to keep a place up and running. Hopefully, the events they get and have at the place in the future, can help these people out. It takes baby steps to get a big outcome.
The people I met were people who were facing hardship-one lost his job YESTERDAY, and a few others are out of employment. It makes me feel guilty, that I have so much; and, unfortunately, with these bastards in Washington and in our states that are screwing people up and making this world a horrible place to grow up, live and support a family in, the only thing we can do in this world is to give. Our band got paid $20 each, for a total of $100 we split within the five of us. I knew that I could not take the money, because our show was to help them, not help me. After I had a talk with the person who lost his job yesterday, I shook hands with him, and as he left the front lobby, as I made my way out, I decided to put my money on the table in a place where I know he would see it. I felt bad taking the money and I knew the money I gave back will help a little bit with the hardships the place is going through.
Nothing made me more happy than to know that tonight, I received happiness by giving to this wonderful place, which was performing with a great group of musicians. As an Eagle Scout, I was taught to give, not receive; however, tonight is an example that giving something to someone, such as our show, is receiving: the feeling of helpfulness, caring and loving. I want to show my town, especially The Grange that I am with them in this time of need and everyone is. I hope people can do the same, because giving something is receiving something. Tonight was special. Knowing people are suffering makes you feel like you want to suffer. I have the feeling all the time. I guess that old quote is really true and around us in our everyday life: “People will always forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will always remember how you made them feel.” I felt like this tonight. I made myself feel like I am special, because I made the people at The Grange feel special-and I ment it too. Giving is receiving; and, at least for me, money made from our show that I gave back tonight could not buy happiness for myself at all. Gospel truth there.
We are very lucky in this world to have what we have, say what we want to say, do what we want to do. For others, it is the opposite. If we give, we can receive. That was exactly what I experienced from my show tonight.

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