Happiness Is Priceless

I had the honor of attending Mrs. Miller’s retirement celebration at Woodtick. She did 26 years as a director on the Park and Recreation board for the town of Wolcott. Mrs. Miller is the grandma of a swimming student of mine. It was wonderful to see her family, her student workers that are grown up, and past student and adult workers. She loved what she did, and who she inspired; however, a celebration like this REALLY means what?
It means the same thing for the high school band program I was in during my entire high school career, my swimming lesson program, and my experiences as a teacher, lecturer and leader in the Boy Scout program. It means: for all those who have come before, all the past workers and students, as well as current workers and students who gave their hearts and souls to programs such as these, especially Mrs. Miller’s work with Park and Recreation program, there is an enormous “thank you” to be said to making lives positive and memorable, an example being such as Mrs. Miller’s time in her career.
You and others put in place the current work ethic.  You and others made it an expectation.  Each year, you and others added more and more levels of responsibility, added more and more structure and procedures, and each year, the program no matter what it is, consisting of you and others, rose to the challenge.  The legacy that you and others created is alive and is indeed, flourishing!  Because of that, respectively, I am the most grateful person in the world, as well as the luckiest.
No matter what program people are affiliated with  … No matter what program you are affiliated with … happiness is priceless when YOU BELIEVE … So I am proud to thank YOU … for believing.
On a side note – keep on the lookout for a post or two from Orlando! I might be posting on vacation!

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