Humbled and Grateful

Having a radio show is one that is anticipated by someone who has dreamed of having one. I know I am that person. It is a chance for someone to share their time, treasure and talents with people everywhere. It is a chance to appreciate, make new friendships and renew old friendships. This year is no different for me, seeing this is another something that I am accomplishing in my life. To be told you are going on the air when you have done no research causes one be concerned. Then, to see that a radio show has absolutely no preparation beforehand (because it is about what is “at the moment” happening), it has been and will be a matter of conscious will, effort and control not to become “ahead of the game.” The radio talk show business is about being “in the moment” with no preparation beforehand.
I wish I could remember what Mrs. Thies, my Capstone teacher for my senior year of high school said, and also what Mr. Berube — well, I could not remember what he said to me as I was doing my program. However, I can not thank them both for giving me the life I always wanted: one of free thought, speech, and the opportunity for me to do great things with my life, which led me to have my own radio show at Southern Connecticut for the next four years. I have done so.
The fact that I am able to voice my opinion on my radio show reminds me of my senior year of high school, the cultivating experience I ever had putting together my dissertation (paper, portfolio, presentation). Yet, I always saw and still see a reflection of myself, Mrs. Thies and Mr. Berube looking back. While I know I was not alone on my education journey to help me achieve my goals and accomplishments, I could not help but feel that I was sharing it with these two people. Understand that nothing is a “one time feel it all” situation. No matter where you go, what you feel and what happens, memories will always be there to motivate you to do better than you are doing now, which is true in my case. And we learn from these memories too.
Thank you Mrs. Thies, Mr. Berube, and the other teachers I have had in my life that have given me everything that I have possibly wanted. Because of you two in particular, I have my own radio show — to which I can share with the world plenty of information for me to help people question what we are learning, which is exactly what you both taught me that made life “click” for me. My last year in high school, with all our talks we had, were great, and now that we have “figured it out,” the rest of our lives will be even more fun, as we share it together. While I may not have them as a teacher anymore, I can now call both Michelle and Mark good friends of mine. They always believed there was something worth waiting for in that opinionated, motivated, yet dedicated student you knew not very long ago.
For this alone, I am humble and grateful.

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