I Remember Thinking

I remember thinking: “One day, I will not have my shit together.”

I remember thinking: “Three years already? Wow!”

I remember thinking: “How did 6 years go by so quickly?”

And now that my second lifeguarding class of 2020 is finished – with a sonic boom I might add – all I can remember thinking is: “OMG Drew, slow down!”


“You seem to always get the students you need. Maybe not always the students you were expecting, but always the ones you need.” – My best friend Alex


Alex is absolutely right. In fact, he nailed it. I did not get the students that I expected. In fact, I got something far better! And it is without any hesitation and not a single doubt that these students are the ones I need for the second time this year. For the past six weeks, this group of future lifeguards are outstanding. They were outstanding in their desire to learn and their desire to fail and try again.

Most importantly, however, it is their ATTITUDE that is off the charts! They knew what was expected, and they did it. They knew that on-the-job experience is what is going to be the best teacher. Sure, they take my course. Sure, I provide them with top-notch teaching because I know how to teach and I have a talent for it.

However, it was about them knowing that there are great adventures and experiences ahead for them as they pursue lifeguarding as either a full-time or seasonal or part time job.

Everyone knows that at the end of the day, it is, has been, and will always be about my students. Times like these are never about me. Times like these are about creating deep, positive life-impacting experiences for people. I hope you guys go boldly, indeed because someone, somewhere is waiting for you.

Just always remember:


“If you feel like you are drowning in life, remember you are a lifeguard – you can walk on water.”


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