I Will Not Understand “Moderation”

The entire life I had … I loved a challenge, both personal and professional. Mom and dad knew from the start that THE worst thing they could do was tell me that I could not do something or know something. If the words “You know, maybe should think about doing something else in case your first plan is destroyed” ever came out of their mouths, the look I would shoot across the room was one of defiance and one of determination. I am sure both mom and dad thought I was psycho. Maybe both were correct! Do not EVER tell me no. Do not EVER tell me I am not capable. Do not EVER tell me to slow down. Life is so short, so why waste time on the impossible? This approach has gotten me far in life, as everyone knows, as an 18 year old guy, turning 19 in one month.
So, today I had my second radio show. At first, since I found out someone broke the stereo buttons on the control board, I did not know if I should do my show, since I play music through the stereos. Eventually, I realized that I had a commitment that I loved much. So I did it. My friends, colleagues, and other people were concerned for me, of course, because they were counting on me to do a show today. I refer you to my first paragraph: I have got it covered! I am fine! I am ready to go! We are on!
I am fine though, indeed. I love a challenge – both personally and professionally. These next four years working for the WSIN Radio here at Southern Connecticut State University will be one that tests both areas. I can not wait to know that people are listening to the program from all over the world and the United States, and the fact that people have the option to call in the show to debate the issues or ask for help on anything. The Dr. Drew Program has taken the stage in a national setting, right here in our lives. How cool is that? Yes, I guess I am that proud son that loves being shown off to the world by his mother and father.
So, if you are not doing anything from Mondays 8-11 A.M. then listen to 1590 AM, and on WSINRadio.org to my show. More information is on the fourth page of my blog. However, watch out for that small, intelligent, black-haired, tough guy behind the control panel: he will be on a mission, and the word “moderation” is something he will not understand.

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