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I made it home from a great vacation from Florida. I met a few people from across the states. I wished them well, and I do hope I get to see these people again. Of course, I told them I blog, so they can keep in touch with me that way!
However, reflecting on the vacation I had, there was one event in the news that I had to post about, because it was and still is irritating me to no end. That was: the shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis.
It is sickening to think that a police officer could shoot an innocent man who was simply going to his grandmother’s house at 2 in the morning (at least that is what I learned from CNN, but I could be brainwashed; who knows).
It is a Friday afternoon, and as I sit at my desk at my laptop (already ate, dog all fed, and my sister with her boyfriend at the fair), I have some time to talk in this post about how I am thankful- thankful, as in the relationship I have with many people that would not make me a “similarity” to the Michael Brown situation, even though I am Hispanic, and in the minority, like he is. The list is the normal stuff: health, the love of family and friends, a great job, and a promising future for me. Unfortunately, that came to a halt when I heard the news of this shooting.
What drives me nuts, is the fact that government officials, and the people investigating this situation, including the media, are going on and on and on about the stupid, small stuff, when they fail to realize the bigger picture: it is a different life, and viewpoint for people in the minority in this world, versus being in the majority (although, it is said to be that minorities make up the majority in this world currently), which leads to the fact that: for higher-ups, using power, such as the officer shooting Michael Brown, who was a person who has no power, is unfair. All this situation needs, in order for it to be settled, is simple: interview the officer and the person who was with Brown, then interview any witnesses, then bring it to court and let people make a verdict. Unfortunately, in this world, we value complexity over simplicity. In addition to this, millions of black people, including teens like Michael Brown, are killed every day; but, it seems that if it could make a great story, the president and officials speak out. Why can not the president and those officials speak on behalf of all those people in the same situations as Michael Brown, too? Why favor one of the same kind, and not all?
There is much that I can discuss here, information, and views to piss people off with. However, that is distasteful as this whole event is, that should be saved, for a debate for another day. In actuality, there is no room for further discussion on this topic, but rather a statement that has no room for negotiation whatsoever. When it comes to the following statement below, it sums up everything about this case perfectly:
“We, the law enforcement officers of the United States, and of our respective states, and political subdivisions thereof, as representatives and delegates of state and subordinate lodges, do herby associate the several lodges we represent, and the members thereof for the following purposes … to cultivate a spirit of fraternalism and mutual helpfulness among our members and the people we serve, to increase the efficiency of the law enforcement profession, and thus more firmly to establish the confidence of the public in this service dedicated to people’s protection of life and property.
There is simply no room for acts of violence, such as what happened to Michael Brown, in this world. In addition, there is NO room to not understand how myself, and the minorities in this world have it different than white people, or for people in the majority. That is a zero-tolerance policy and something I believe in. End of the so-called “discussion.”
The communities should be protected by police officers, only when others are in danger. The police should be welcoming for its community members, and for its guests. I am very grateful that our police officers in my town honor that code of ethic. I am horrified for other police in other states in their respective towns that do not honor that ethic, such as what happened in the town of St. Louis.
So, as I continue to reflect on this event that happened in U.S. History, one that is a case of many that would start another civil war, and what I am thankful for, my love and support goes out to the family of Michael Brown, who so tragically and needlessly passed away on August 9th. It is one thing if he did something stupid, or has done stupid stuff in the past; but, it is another thing for someone to take someone else’s life without thinking about it, especially someone in a high position of authority that is suppose to honor their code of ethic they pledged to, before they put on that uniform.
In order for someone else to pull a trigger or take someone’s life, you have to be MESSED UP and you must be evil, in authority, or not in authority. There is simply no room for power going straight to the heads of people, such as the actions of that cop and the police in that town, in this situation, in which Michael Brown was dead.
With that said, this is not a normal Drewski post that you would see on this blog; but, it is a post that must be addressed. I am very thankful for what I have; and, for this reason, I am scared for what others have. There is simply no room for mis-treatment of people from higher ups. Absolutely none.

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