Life Is About Choice

I watched the weather for the entire week. I, band members and the new Jumpstart team I am working with knew that we were not going to dodge the proverbial bullet this time. Everyone would be soaked, cold, miserable and all other conceivable words one can think of for whatever we are doing. There was one approach however – “CHOOSE to be very miserable or happy. You control it, so suck it up, people!”
For the two shows at Southern I had, we prepped in the rain for what needed to get done. In preparation for my first Jumpstart session, I had to travel in the rain to Amy’s (our site manager) office multiple times for training, and back to my dorm to do self-studies. When each task is done, you know that you did everything you could to get in the right place for the time doing, if you know what I mean.
I know for a fact there are numerous band members, former and current students, people I know and even colleagues for that matter who think “I am full of crap,” “He is getting ahead of himself,” and other crap when I spout out encouragement rhetoric and philosophical phrases  such as “Every day you wake up, you choose how you want to be.” Well, anything will give you the experience that you want – whether it is band and music (like me), or anything you people can think of. Anything you think of will give that to you. If you want to be miserable, anything you think of can give that to you, too!” Happy people live on happy worlds, and sad people live in sad worlds. However, it is the same world. I will concur with the naysayers there are an enormous amount of people out there who “talk the talk but do not walk the walk.” Well people, I assure you that I am not “talking in circles” and doing that when I speak to you. If I was, you would know it.
Also, I would notice it and point it out, too!
However, to satisfy the naysayers, let me also assure you that I did NOT wake up yesterday morning feeling the wind, cold and rain saying “YEAH!” It is going to be dreadful out there these next upcoming days and possibly weeks, aside from this past week. I never said it would be phenomenal. Instead, I took a deep breath, began layering clothing, topped it all off with my under armor gear, slammed down some foods and drinks and said “Thank heaven for what I am going to accomplish and do today!”
Everything this semester has gone above and beyond for me this year. From rehearsing music with great buddies and musicians, to meeting new people around campus and developing relationships, I can not thank everyone and everything enough. Everything is a small gesture on their part that is viewed as MAGNANIMOUS by me who was always working and doing something to keep busy.
I laughed, danced, took photos, and did more than I thought I could do – also I am now settled in to college life – making memories that will last me forever. I might be saying all of this and not realizing it right now, but down the road I definitely will remember the “yesterdays.” I will always remember the fun, the laughs and the smiles, simply because I chose to enjoy the day, rather than wallow in misery, even though it seemed that way.
Just like that, after four months of hard work with everything, we get a month off before beginning the next semester. Why do this, you ask? Here is the answer: because I EARNED it. I will do what everyone else will do: laundry, clean out the car, clean the house, spend time with my family, friends and dog. Of course, I will continue to do
“Drewski” activities that goes without saying (playing shows, writing, lecturing). I am also going to be planning for the spring semester as well because let us face it: this man will not have a working brain cell in his head starting December 16th which is when finals are done. Well, I will, but I would rather focus everything that month and relax too.
Sure enough, I will be going to the gym to get a membership of some sort, because even though there is plenty of time for the weary like me, my body is not ready to get even more out of shape; so, I must get back on track.
Reason is because after all, it really is ALL about … CHOICE!

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