Life Is Never Done Alone

IT IS HERE! It arrived faster than we ever wanted, and now that it is here, students like me are scared to death! That is right; every student entering college in this world is getting goose bumps, because they looked at the calendar and saw the words: “Move-In Day.” We know this only means one thing: we are away from home, we are going to live on our own, and worse enough, we are in charge of US and OUR DECISIONS; we do not have our parents, and family to help us in this new stage of our journey. The worried thoughts have all started. The stress begins to spill over. The anxiety is on the brink of explosion. If one more person asks anything of you, there is a high probability of physical retaliation.
Well guess what? I think this is bull shit (in the words of my boss, Dave) on this.  That is right.  Knock it off.  There is no such thing as the beginning of the school year meltdown, unless you did not prepare properly during the summer, and through high school.  Frankly, I do not think many of people do. THAT, is the real nightmare.
I have it easy compared to the millions of friends I have moving out of state to college.  I am 30 minutes away from home. I just call my parents if I need anything, and there is not a wait. I can go home anytime I want, even though I am living on campus. Oh, if it truly was that easy.  There will be mid-terms, papers, projects, and all the outside pressures of other classes weighing down on us students; our moods are nowhere near as excited, or as engaged as they were during high school, and summer.  It is getting cooler outside, darker earlier, and earlier.  School can quickly become a chore, and one that can even be loathed.
Now is the time to CREATE fun, especially in college. So, how do we keep smiling through college, while everyone else is still being babied in high school (even though we were in high school, and some people need the babying)?  I can only speak for myself, but perhaps my thoughts will resonant with others that are in my position.
  1. Smile.  Smile and Laugh A LOT.  ENJOY THE PROCESS!  If you do, people will too.
  2. Slow down. If things are not going right or seem to speed up, slow it down, and do not try to fix everything during each day.  Remember, keep it “step by step, and inch by inch.”
  3. Get away from your comfort zone, and be in others comfort zone, through getting to know them. Interact with them, and give as many of those new friends, and people you come across some personal attention, as you give yourself, and people you have known for a while. Do not be that person who does not want to get to know someone, because they feel “weird” if they do, because they are simply different than you.
  4. Remember to experience the bigger picture – other people, and their accomplishments and talents.  So many people get caught up in being the “best,” etc.  I get it; do not misunderstand me, but then the anger sets in when someone is better than us. Guess what? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and no one is perfect. What is worse than that, is you cheated yourself AND your friends of valuable life experiences! Watch other people. SUPPORT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE BETTER THAN YOU. That is right.  So you lost- so what.  How about we cheer for the ones who beat us and perhaps learn from them?  How else do we, as individuals ever hope to improve unless we take the time to learn from those who are achieving what we are not?
It is not about yourself.  It is about so much more than that.  Sure, you do not want to get involved with other people in college. However, down the road, when you and they are older and wiser, the times you had will fade into the wood work; you will then remember the times you shared with people that you can never bring back physically to life.  The bus trips and car rides, the jokes (God forbid I ever post past stuff here with my friends from high school and my roommate/friend of 14 years!), the crazy antics of each person you met and the absurd moments that are fixed in time like a snapshot.
So, push hard in college to get to the end of the road (your degree and future), my friends. However, always remember, that life is never done alone. Life is always more exciting than the destination when it is shared with friends.

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