Life Lessons Are EVERYWHERE

I drove home from a show at the Crunch House tonight with a new friend of mine, Jeremy. The show I did was for his friend, Thai, who needed a percussionist (so she hired me). It felt nice to be able to know someone used me for their show. It shows how much that person thinks of you as a person, and a musician. Well, the Crunch House was an interesting entertainment venue, as it is famous to people who are “in-the-know-of-it,” since it is not a DYI venue. This was the first show I played at, in which there were college kids doing every possible thing that could make a guy like me feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, the new fans and followers I have were extremely nice and understandable. It made you appreciate what you are doing at that given moment. Tonight marks history – first show at a place like this I ever played at! Although, I should not consider being excited when I say that, because I have played shows far worse than the atmosphere of the Crunch House.
As I was driving home, I remembered my discussion with the owner of the Crunch House. We were talking about what he was doing “in the moment of time.” What resonated with me fast was not what he was saying (as far as how he told me he wanted to go to school for aviation management and dropped out later on), but the fact that he said he was happy that he is running the Crunch House, since that is where his heart is. The portion of the talk I had was then focused around life’s lessons and how they are everywhere if you open yourself up and step outside your comfort zone (similar to what I did tonight, since any musician needs to collaborate with people outside his/her comfort zone). Sound familiar? The main point I heard him say was:
“I dropped out of school because I thought I wanted to do aviation management, but **** that man. I am glad I am the owner of this venue, and I just want to do something I love: get people to have a good time together, share and promote new music, and do what I love- because that is more important than anything in this world.”
This was THE defining moment in his life. You never know the impact that someone or something will have on another person. Even the simplest things, such as doing what you love, can change a person’s life forever (in a good or bad way). As you could imagine, I was humbled and hooked! Wow. That was all I could think. Since this man smoked so much weed, and the stereotypes from seeing him once would emerge, we are so quick to discount people because of outward appearances, physical looks, etc., without judging a person by who they are. If we only gave people a chance, the world might be a better place. Everyone and everything is here for us to learn from, yet we do not open ourselves enough to take in all of our world, such as the owner of the Crunch House and what I experienced tonight for the first time.
Much to think about … wait, I do not have to think about much, because life lessons are everywhere! Time to finish the rest of this week of school before Saturday’s show at the Rock Garden in Watertown!
Good luck Crunch House and management – I will be back some day!

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