Misinformation Or Ignorance

I have to write something now because I have been shocked with things I have heard recently. I do not know if it is misinformation or ignorance. It is absolute bullshit when individuals compare socialism to communism. Socialism gone wrong is communism. Imagine the line below:
The “A” stands for America, and we are in the middle-of-the-road between socialist and communist – it is faulty, however it works not badly. People need to understand that communism is a political ideology and is corrupt. In communism, people have two cows and government will take both cows. Then, the government chooses someone that provides each person with milk for the day.
THAT is where the corruption is: someone in the government decides how much milk people get each day (using the cows as an example). In communism, the only people who vote are members of the communist party, and that is usually about 10% of the total population in each country. Therefore, it is a self-sustaining form of totalitarianism. For example, if I am the candidate then no one is running against me. The party decides people that are members and who are not. Also, the people in the communist party run.
Another example: the only people on the ballot in Cuba are the Castros.
Finally, with communism – the government owns everything and controls you. As a citizen of that country, you pay no taxes!
Now for Socialism.
In socialism, everyone votes. We called these countries “socialistic democracies.” We never consider ourselves a ‘socialistic democracy’ even though we have roots and remnants of it. Unlike communism, the government does control however they decide what your money goes towards even though you have ownership of everything.
Countries like Denmark and Sweden need to reboot their population. In order to really encourage more kids and population, what these countries will do is give mom and dad a financial incentive to have kids (such as free college tuition) and everyone in these countries pay for that in their taxes, and even let mothers have a year off to raise their child or children and everyone in these countries pay for that too in their taxes.
This is socialism in its beneficial form. These services, including healthcare too, comes out of every single person’s tax dollars because it benefits the collective good.
  • In America, if I make $1 then on average .20 cents gets taken out for taxes. This leaves me with .80 cents left to spend.
  • In socialistic countries, if I make $1 then on average .45 cents gets taken out for taxes. This leaves me with .55 cents left to spend.
To conclude, people have more cash to spend in America because they pay less in taxes HOWEVER: people get to choose what they spend their money on even though they pay for services on their own. People have less cash to spend in socialistic countries, on the immediate contrast, because they pay more in taxes HOWEVER: the government uses the tax dollars to pay for the services for their people.
In capitalism, the individual is responsible for themselves and in socialism, the collective good is responsible for each other. Which one is better? How do I analyze what works, especially how it works? That is not me to decide because I want you to decide that on your own. Life will tell you.
So to recap:
  • Communism (rarely taxed)
  • Capitalism (somewhat taxed)
  • Socialism (really taxed)
On a side note – in socialism because you do not need to spend, you do not need to buy a health insurance policy. Example: the country of London provides “free” hospital visits for all guests to the country. Taxes get taken out of everyone’s paycheck for that however. Interestingly, the people who disagree with socialism will argue something along the lines of this: “Well, if the government pays for my services, does this mean I do not get quality?”
This is a good question. I think it is fair to say that GENERALLY paying more means extremely better quality, and paying less for something means terrible quality; keep in mind however there are exceptions to this widely-held belief.
“Society” is a word cousin for socialism, by the way.
I do want to also mention that not all people work for their money. There is a lot of inheritance – unearned income that was passed down to you (mostly wealthy families). Let us say that you took 1 million dollars of inheritance, invested it, and turned it into 3 million dollars. You did not earn that money because you invested in it. Investing money does not mean earned money. Glad I could make sure I correct the record on that.
Now, I admit that I do not believe in estate taxes – taxes on inherited money. I say this because someone can leave you money and after that, you have to claim it. Then if you did think it was finished – not yet! The state then comes in and taxes you again when the person leaving someone money already paid taxes on it. This is double taxation folks! This is why everyone decides that they need to protect their estate from taxes.
Government makes a lot of money by taxing inheritance through estate tax because they can claim you you did not “earn it” – which is a load of nonsense!
Okay, I am going to finish this writing by telling a story. Here it goes: before I quit eating McDonalds – the chain had a “2 for $5” choice. So that day I got 2 quarter pounders. I could barely eat 1 of them. Others could eat both. My eyes were bigger than my stomach that evening. The deal was appealing! The cost would be $2.50 per burger. If I was a heartless capitalist, I would have bought 1 for $4.69 and saved .31 cents or could have wasted everything that I paid for. So after purchasing the deal, I was driving to my dorm and here is a guy on the street selling cans. He looked hungry and desperate for food.
I rolled my window down and told him that I had an extra sandwich that I could not even finish and I wanted him to have it. I gave it to him and then left. Here is social responsibility folks. He is a human being and he looked like he was hungry and starving. Because he is a human being, he has a right to eat. I can care less if he was a thug or homeless or a drug dealer. He is a human being. Some people may think otherwise and that is fine. I respect that.
Am I responsible for him? No. However I took responsibility for him. Not many people agree with what I did and that is fine. I did it because I wanted to – not because someone told me to do it.
I determine what I want to do in life as long as I am not hurting anyone. Along my journey in life I will help people. However, I also believe in charging people for my services; considerable amount of times, to many, would lead someone to believe that it makes no sense to do something for free. That is old-fashioned capitalism.
Folks: understand for the record this is not a society that functions on doing favors for people. It is a society that functions on paying for services and goods.
Final thought – I agree when Bernie Sanders states how the economic gap is utterly ridiculous. However he needs to understand that we are 19 trillion dollars in debt and we do not have the money to give everyone handouts. We bailed Wall Street with our tax dollars during the fiscal crisis in 2008. As a consequence of the bailout – bankers, other financial institutions and even car companies began to make money. The people, interestingly, who made that money along the way were the already rich people who invested because they had the money to invest!
Conclusion of a dragged-out thought I had tonight: I do not give a flying fuck whether people have more money than I do. There are too many poor people out there. As long as I have something at the end of the day to pay my life expenses while taking care of my human beings on this planet, then I have lived my life the way I want it to be. I have the opportunity to be rich however I know I will not be the richest man in the graveyard.
There are too many poor people out there. The “rich people work for their money” argument is so flawed – and read this post to figure out why folks.
You use money. Do not let it use you. Drive money.
I like that saying because it best describes me. I love having money however I am not obsessive of it (like some people) and that is okay if some people disagree with me. For all I care, I will spend my money each day I get money regardless of the expenses I have waiting for me. I work to live, not live to work. I will enjoy my life NOW and not later on thank you very fucking much! I drive money. I drive conversations.
This leads me to believe that I wonder if sometimes people are misinformed or if some people are just downright ignorant. If I clear the record (which is what I did), will I really find out the answer?
Who knows if it is misinformation or ignorance … or both … or none.

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