My Birthday Wishes

I will not be shy as well as coy about it. Well, I turn 19 today. While there is a part of me that is in the state of “WTF!?” there is another part of me that is like “Eh, whatever.” 19 is simply a number in reality. It is not the length of time spent, but whether or not the time spent has been worthwhile thus far. I humbly say that YES, it has been. If I could go back in time, would there be things I would change? Heck yes! However, we can not change the past and “regrets,” even though I have gad a few but far too few to mention. It is time to enjoy another year of life of many more years in my life to come, because let me face it: the past year was the greatest for me.
So let’s begin with what I do NOT want for my birthday, nor for the last year before my second decade on this planet:
  1. I do NOT want to take any more stupid, general education classes at college, because I have two majors I need to complete. Bad enough this first semester was brutal, and the next one will be the last brutal semester. College is a money-maker, and the more bogus classes you take, the more money they get.
  2. I do NOT want any more digestive issues.  My stomach and waste system is problematic and bothering, keeping things at that. Having to race out of a room , classroom, rehearsal to “relieve myself” (those who understand that – good, those who do not, let us keep it that way!) has gotten old and is exhausting.  I think things are closer to being under control, and that is a good thing; so, let it stay that way and continue to improve!
  3. I do NOT want to be single. I am looking for someone, a companion, who I can spend time with, because everyone knows – face it: I have never had a girlfriend and I need girl time.
Ok, now for what I DO want:
  1. I want to laugh more.
  2. I want to enjoy time with family and friends more.
  3. I want to take time out of each day to just sit, listening to the world around me and be in awe of it all.
  4. I want to make others smile.
  5. I want to listen more to what others are saying and to actually HEAR them.
  6. I want to notice more of the little things — because in the end, I believe it is the little things that will matter the most.
  7. I want to be more spontaneous — and for those who know me, they know this is a tough one!
  8. I want to bring just a little more joy into the world each day.  Nothing big and it does not have to be noticed by anyone other than myself.  It can be as simple as watching the dog go insane when I reach for her leash, or as complex as the “perfect” musical moment during a rehearsal or concert that makes people take a pause, sigh, and smile.
  9. I want to have people around campus at SCSU to appreciate others and support others, rather than themselves.
I have lived a life that is full, and in my life, I have loved them all. There is so much more to do. Let it begin! Happy birthday, to me – Drewski!
Thanks to the crowd at Sully’s that celebrated my birthday with me.
That meant a lot.

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