My Winter Gift

This semester has been challenging for me. Some of it is the winter blues that each person tends to get to one degree or another (since it has been raining or snowing most days this semester). The other “some” of it is the simply the end of incredible and intense things I have done this semester (news director being one of them). In addition to my studies that have been difficult for me and other things I have been doing this semester, the challenge is the 6+ weeks after the holidays; interestingly, they drag on and on with little to no direction, offering little to no motivation.
This semester I have had the “distraction” of adding a task to my hectic life. That is right – and everyone knows it – tutoring writing. Nothing like having students ask for help with a typical research paper to senior and graduate level thesis papers and even a dissertation here and there. Nope, nothing like it at all. This task has certainly taken priority and has given me a substantial amount of goals to achieve, such as helping people to understand how to use rhetoric in both writing and when communicating with people. Also, I am trying to help people become better thinkers – since Americans except me are extremely stupid and need to be educated. Thankfully, people come to me. After all, I know how to write, argue, think and communicate. I live to create, educate and inspire.
I know, I most certainly could do all sorts of things to quench this desire, but it is not the same as standing in front of 300 and 400 people playing shows or lecturing or teaching, or who are “in it with you.” Nope, simply not the same. Yet today, I have realized something I have always known but tended to forget: creating is much more than the nuts and bolts of pageantry. So stop being literal and think outside the proverbial box. My person motto with everything I do is: “I will always be providing opportunities for people they might never get to experience unless they are part of me.” All sarcasm aside and all of this idea pertaining to “me being over-reactive and dramatic and what not” (according to my parents who read these blogs I write). I believe truly the above statement is my bigger job. Let me explain:
During this semester I was asked to help people write their papers. Similar to just simply showing up to a show and LISTENING to a band play, cheering with them and “cracking wise” with them, is this idea of LISTENING to where someone is coming from, supporting them and “talking smart” with them – these ideas are more important than anything else – they see Drew McWeeney supporting their endeavors, the obstacles they can overcome, and the effort they put in similar to what they want me to demonstrate to them. THAT is the bigger picture.
As I am trying to relax after today’s accepted students day event on campus, I get a text from a nice girl I was able to help, since she needed assistance with her research paper. She sends me a text saying “Hey drew! I got back my paper and I received an A. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help.”
Again, my role is to get people to think about their thinking and correct it, therefore trying to build better students in writing, reading, communicating and speaking – something that I ended up understanding as I took the time to learn when simply doing. I do my best to help as many people as I can (sometimes I need to realize that I have to look out for me before others sometimes – however I know that what good goes around, good comes back around). This is something that I have well- understood and realized, which is something a lot of people similar to me do not do. I may not write the paper for them and do the work, I most certainly am not easy on them, however: they are my students and friends, and deserve my support in as many ways as I can provide it.
Someone was talking about a “winter gift.” It was these two words that stuck me this afternoon as well as after getting a text from that person. Perhaps that is what life is really about. I live to create and I love to create. However, creating does not mean one has to be or have the nuts and bolts all the time.
Creating can be my motto in which “I will always be providing opportunities for people they might never get to experience unless they are part of me.” That is MY winter gift.
I am now ready for no more snow and rain and a lot more sun and summer!

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