Opportunities Come When You Work For It

It is October 5th and it is simply another job. That is right: A JOB. For after all, what is being the drummer in the RENT pit orchestra at Southern Connecticut State University with Broadway musicians nothing more than a paycheck? Right? Not even close.
I did not know that I would be spending my October part of a incredible Broadway piece of work. I got called to play the show after the original drummer backed out the last minute. At the time I got asked to be the drummer for the orchestra, I figured it was another job that might lead somewhere else one day. Frankly, I was never one who looked farther down the road than 10 feet. When it came to work, I lived in the proverbial moment. (Not so much with the rest of my life, but that is neither here nor there.) That was that – time to get “at it.” My home and heart has taken up residence in a small school such as Southern Connecticut State University that is nothing to be messed with.
This week (including this past Friday and Saturday), the one “thing” I love more than perhaps anything in the world will come to life on a famous stage, such as the Lyman Center. Pit orchestra musicians, alongside the tech and stage and production crews, with the actors for the RENT production will give up their hearts and souls for over 4 hours each Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the next 3 weeks to perform a classic Broadway musical. This “thing” keeps me going year after year. I would be a liar if I did not say it gets a bit more difficult each time to summon up the energy and the creative power to perform in a show, the ability to push physical pain and limitation away, and “be in it with people” again. But somehow, some way I manage. I have to because everyone expects nothing less.
This “thing” will once again remind me how much I love what I do, how grateful I am to have A JOB that I love each and every time, and how lucky I am to be able to give to others what was once given to me. To strive for excellence, to achieve goals only dreamed of, to push beyond self-inflicted personal limitations, to look into the faces of those who do not understand and smile thinking “They have no idea what a joy my world truly is.”
It is called being a student of music. Not a musician. A STUDENT OF MUSIC. It is a world that cannot be explained; just accepted by people in it as something greater than yourself. I am not so sure I would have it any other way. Athletes will never understand. Non-music people will never understand. Simple.
When you are like me and you work for things, opportunities come. This opportunity is the start of something good to come in the months, weeks and years to follow. I am pumped to perform in the orchestra with the best musicians in the business doing what I love doing. This experience will be an experience being able to further my experiences in the professional world of theater.
More to come during the week!

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