Our Caring Police Officers

After the negativity that is happening currently, I am laying in bed about to crash for a great night sleep and thought I take the time to write about and let everyone know how much I appreciate our school security guards, school resource officers and the police that wear a uniform and pledge to protect us.

Yes naysayers, there is that 1% of people that are causing trouble. However, we forget that 99% are those good people. Because we see negative stories from mainstream, it psychologically gets us to think negative; that is simple human science.  Anyway, the “school to prison pipeline” is a common trope in educational reform. Both sides – those who favor accountability-based reform and those who favor community-based reform – use both the statistics of recidivism of people and incarceration of people to both their own political and social gain. How sad is that.

An often cited symbol is the school security guard. They are described to troubled people (really, to ignorant people) as those “brooding figures who will themselves throw students in cuffs and send them upstate.” 

Well folks – Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We, usually folks far removed from the complexities and challenges of understanding urban education, simply do not understand the role of the school security guard and resource officer – and law enforcement for that matter.

These people are often stepping foot on a front line for both the mental health and student services. In almost every school especially urban schools I have worked with, the school security guards and resource officers are very deeply entwined in the socio-emotional development and well being of kids. Law enforcement understands and knows this too.

I have noticed countless students running to the security guards and resource officers and police officers before us teachers, counselors – and even their own parents.I believe, in my opinion, that police, especially security guards have shared narrative. They know where the neighborhoods and the imaginary yet real lines between them are. These staff members and law enforcement know the real staggering amount of trauma that too many students in urban schools have had to face – and even in rural and suburban schools.

In countless ways, much deeper than skin tone, law enforcement, security guards and resource officers look more like the students than the teachers ever will. Often, these people are a multi-generational constant. They are really becoming – the first contact that parents and students have almost every day. Our law enforcement are where students turn to when they feel hurt and threatened and even betrayed in my opinion.

So the next time you walk through the metal detectors (I sure hope we do not have those in schools soon) to go to sign in at a school, or if you see a member of law enforcement anywhere, be sure to say thank you to them and offer to shake his or her hand. In order for these acts of police violence to end, we must start by physically recognizing that our law enforcement generally wants the best for us.

Also, we must reach out to those people who have not been taught both the meaning and conduct of what “respect” really is, and help teach them so violence will never happen. In order for everyone to have power, we must give up our own power and share it with others so we can empower each other, which can them empower the world. In order for us to get respect in return, we need to give respect.

Life is all about give and take and meeting each other half way. If people still can not see that, then I guess that is their problem. Thank you to our caring law enforcement, school security guards and resources officers.

Off to bed now. Goodnight!!

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