Pushing BEYOND Your Limits – Pt. 2

Last night, I went down a path regarding pushing limits and physical challenges; most of them were mine. Each day is an adventure, for sure, and some of them are more instructive than others. The last few months of this blog have been quiet. I hope to change that up as we head into the days ahead.
This morning I began to think outside the box about last night’s post title.  It was quite broad, and left itself open for me to see where another path would take me when given some breakfast and early morning calmness. What are limits? Are they self-imposed? Are they imposed by others? Are they imposed by society? Is one able to overcome them, or is the ceiling too solid to break through?
I do know the answer to all the questions above. The answer is yes. All those questions are, by definition, a type of limit. So what is one to do when every way you turn someone is saying telling you “no”?
So, I finished the broadcast like I planned. I did what I needed to do and I pushed through it. It felt good. Not to mention that I made a “to do” list and the fact that I kept crossing things out made me feel like I have accomplished something. I did.
“You have the tenacity of a pitbull.”  – Dr. Jonathan Wharton (research advisor and friend) said about me.
While I chuckle thinking back on that moment, I do so because I know it to be true. My entire life to this point in time has been one giant pushback against anyone and anything that had the audacity to tell me I could not do something. I can count on one hand the number of times I faced an obstacle I truly could not overcome. I realize this is not the case with everyone else, however.
Limits, whether self-imposed or imposed by other factors, are real. Some are in place for our safety. Others exist as milestones for us to overcome. Whether it is being able to go to the gym to work out for a long time after not going, or finally being able to play that whole tone scale in a piece such as Romanian Overture, or whatever else it may be, limits that transform into milestones are some of the most satisfying moments in your life. Approaching a new limit, a new obstacle, and striving to push through it to the other side implies “getting better.”
Today and every day that follows: do whatever it takes to make it a productive day that YOU see it as. Will there be limits, obstacles, potential heartache, drama, and setbacks? Heck yeah! It is this little thing called life and it is chock full of all that stuff. It is how you choose to approach it and attack it. Ultimately, I hope you choose to overcome whatever stumbling blocks you find in your way. As bad as things are for you (and yes, there are some truly horrific things out there, I do not deny that for a moment!), I am willing to bet that if you look just beyond them, you will find something that calms you, makes you smile, and gives you peace … if only for a moment. Latch on to that, and realize that with the bad there is also good. Push through the ceiling set by a limitation and understand there is very little you cannot do.

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