Pushing BEYOND Your Limits

We all see the slogans about overcoming adversity. We all see the inspirational quotes on Pinterest, Facebook, and every other social media interface about perseverance, commitment, pushing the envelope, achieving your goals, etc.  For the most part, every person subscribes to the 144 character life-changing moment for a moment. Unfortunately, those moments are short lived because it simply becomes “too hard.”
It has been a while since I last wrote about what was on the mind that I have, so I am glad that I have some time to now write. So far, the semester is off to a great start – classes are excellent and not useless, the professors are great, the radio station is off and running, the dorm life and roommates are exceptional, and I just got the show as the drummer in the orchestra for the production of RENT at Southern Connecticut State University. How cool is that folks!
No kidding, it is hard to be busy. It is easy in the beginning but after a fairly-short period of time, it becomes too hard to continue. We make excuses left and right; however, some are valid but most are just that: excuses. We say time and time again that “I will do it tomorrow.” Some times, we do and some times we do not.
It is all easier said than done. Whether it is making a commitment to weight loss, better diet, consistent exercise, practicing your musical instrument or even learning a new skill, the list goes on. It is easier said than done. The majority will start and then fail. A small minority will stick with something for a longer period of time. They will achieve a moderate amount of success, but will then stop pushing to newer heights because it started to get too hard. Then there are those few – the ones who say and think “I can and will do this.” Ultimately, these few are successful in what they chose to do.
I am confident that I am a member of each category. It all depends upon the topic. Most recently, however, I find I am somewhere between the group of folks who achieve moderate success and then cease growth and those who keep pushing to new limits when it comes to my “challenges.”
It is not a secret to anyone about how I can feel like I have accomplished nothing each day, even though I have done something. So far, I am behind schedule with the news broadcasts I am suppose to do; plus I found out I got the RENT show. However, this post is not about this. Rather, it is about what happens after someone finished what needs to be done. It is about what happens after you wake up and feeling ‘eh’ and struggle to get through the day. It is about what happens after you have realized “Well I should have done this to pass the time.”
There is every reason in the world to take things slow, not to over do things and even keep it all to a bare minimum. There is every reason to do those things because you hurt. But I can not do that. I can not sit back and watch the rest of my semester drain away simply because I feel crummy.
Sure I hurt and feel ‘blah’ like everyone in this world. If the sun comes up in the morning, then you can guarantee one to four different times during the day I feel like I have no idea what to do. Am I being rebuilt? Yes. However, that is also not the point of this post.
The point of this post is that I, like everyone else, struggle with some sort of weird feelings and pain. Rather, it is the choice one makes each and every day that defines me, not the pain. So I get up and I go to work. I do my usual routine if I am motivated enough, and each and every time I feel ALIVE. So if that is true, then how come I have just told you that I feel ‘blah’ some days? Is it stress? What is the reason for that to happen?
No, it is not a mid-life crisis. No, it is not insane either. I guess it is about choosing to push the envelope a bit more every day, and not giving into the things that could hold you back. I guess it is about getting out there and living – pushing beyond your limits. Some will understand. Some will scoff. At the end of the day, it does not matter what anyone thinks EXCEPT ME. I guess the “No excuses, only results” cliché is right.

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