Rolled Into One

Sure, I have tons of memories racing through my head about the last 19 years I have lived (since tomorrow I turn 19). However, today has been one of the most special moments in my life (even though every single thing is special to me). Tyler, an old buddy since the 2nd grade, and I re-united for the afternoon, after not speaking or seeing each other for 10 years! He attends RPI in New York! We happened to get in touch through Facebook in early September of this year. I figured this would be a great birthday present and a great way to spend before my birthday show with the band at Sully’s Pub in Hartford later tonight.
I found a picture of both of us from the second grade a few days ago. This brought back a flood of memories – so incredibly strong that I ended up crying for a few minutes, until I realized that friendship never dies and we are able to see each other wherever, and whenever we want to! We are adults now and are no longer children anymore. The babies have to fly out of the nest at some point!
Seeing Tyler again brought me back briefly to the days we spent over each other’s house getting to know our families and one another. However, I did stay in touch with his sister, which that was how I got in touch with him. I remember towards the end of second grade, when the teacher would tell us what teacher we would have for that next year, Tyler told me he was moving to “somewhere far away.” Of course, I was upset, but I never gave it thought. For 10 years and as I progressed through school and life, I thought about how he was doing, and whether I was going to see him again.
The greatest lesson I ever learned before being able to keep in touch with him again and resume our friendship like we did in second grade was simple: patience and time can heal, which simply means that slow and steady wins the race. It was funny how we talked about how much we loved SpongeBob (considering we talked about every episode like there was no tomorrow at lunch each day when we were in second grade).
So yes, I felt like a kid again – remembering our memories from that year.  It felt weird not having talked to him for 10 years, but I expected nothing but a feeling of continuation. I experienced the meaning of what it means to really be thankful. I experienced the lesson I learned. This will be something I will always remember.
Not to mention that we both were brainiacs when we were in second grade, and it was nice to know we are everything-literate people who want to solve world problems and make this world a better place! Just like old days! Is not that the reason why we are living?
I took those days not having for granted …what I would not give to go back to our second grade days with him once again …
Friendship never dies. Patience, time, being slow and steady wins the race. It is true. Life is about being thankful – since everything you have ever wanted has been and always will be rolled into one.
Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the life and everyone, everything I have. Now, I have a show to do!

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