Short Reflection – More To Come!

We had a great crowd. First ensemble of college career for me is done! However, I have more to go seeing that I am at SCSU for about four or five YEARS. Notice how I capitalized that word. I capitalized it, because it means that I will have a lot of memories during that time I am here. Making music with great friends and musicians, meeting new people, being able to know that I can inspire and make a difference in people, are some great things I can do.
Tonight’s show demonstrates the passion we have as music degree candidates and active musicians. Tonight’s show had over 100 people come and see our private show in Engleman Hall. Over 200 hours of work … 200 HOURS between August 24th and before tonight. Our effort shows in our playing. To know our families support us in a big road trip, such as making music, is something that could never be enough of. I am one of the luckiest people to be apart of music at SCSU. I am glad that music is like a home for me, like a family, like a separate world, whether people see it or not.
Even though the solos I did, the music I made, and the good feelings we musicians brought tonight, the work does not stop here! More hours of rehearsal, practice and collaborating – there is more to come after tonight!
Thanks to all who came to the first college show I ever did. I can not wait to do it again, and again and again for the next four or five years. Tonight was the start of something memorable for college life for me.
Do something YOU love to do – I am doing the same.

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