Something Like This Can Happen

After the hard work in planning I did, only a few people came to the taping of The Jerry Springer Show with me to meet Jerry and watch me be apart of the opportunity I got with him. Yes, he got in contact with me through school and we talked for over 3 hours on the phone – literally! I guess I did what I had to do, and at least I can go to however many tapings I want with a small group of people (thanks Jerry!); therefore, it will save me time with no stress needed; that was the lesson I learned today.


The show taping was great. However, never did I imagine myself finally meeting the man after talking with him for 3 hours on the phone. That, along with being able to collaborate with Mike Mossman (one of the Jazz greats in trumpet today’s Jazz scene) is at the moment after the taping where I introduced myself to him, told him how big of a fan I was, and the producer took us to the meeting room.

So, who gets this opportunity? This man! Millions of people have the opportunity to watch his show across the country, and come to Stamford to be in the audience. However, 1% of people get to talk, meet, and work with him. I was one of those people. I am a lucky man for meeting a legend in the field for over 25 years and will be getting the opportunity to work with him for his charity telethon events. Jerry is more than a trash-TV host. He changed the world and helped (and still helps) people stop being “so serious” all the time – teaching people to have fun once in a while.

Life is boring when YOU make it boring.

That quote, is the message that Jerry teaches.


Something like this can happen – and something like this will always be remembered forever. I am excited for our first project to take place. With him and Mike Mossman guiding me, I am in good hands!! I can now cross this off my bucket list!

Stay tuned for updates about our first telethon and future projects. Wait, why would I say this when I know I will be sharing with everyone already!?

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