The Depth Of Impact

Those of us in the music world, like many other disciplines and their worlds, have been told over and over again (if we have been lucky) that we will never know the depth of impact we have upon human beings. Our world is one of delayed gratification. While I loathe to bring politics into this post, there is no question that the “trickle down” effect aptly describes what my friends and their relatives have experienced in the past. Especially, since it is the new year, we all will experience much more. For those of us in the music world and others that are mixed with providing entertainment for others (whatever they may be), know that we will never truly know the impact we have upon another person — except in those very rare, serendipitous cases.

Saturday, January 31, 2016 was the final night of the 2016 year. That day is exciting for everyone however it is hard when you know a friend of yours is starting a new life and will be leaving the town you and him have been living in since you were born. In fact, the word “challenging” may be the best word to describe this experience that anyone faces. We think life will never be the same without that person.

With 2 minutes left on the countdown clock, we are all ready to bang out pots and pans to signal a new year followed by lots of hugs. Radar showed more snow coming over the shoreline of Connecticut heading in our direction. Winds were already gusting as strong as 20 mph. It just seemed that any minute, 2016 would be over and we would start fresh beginning with 2017.

When our night was over, photos taken, happiness shared, hugs given, everyone raced for their cars to go home. 2017 was here. It was a lackluster farewell to my friend and the rest of my friends and their relatives that I have not seen in years. It was chaotic; this is a word that I believe is appropriate for this particular situation. Although, our evening was filled with memories and a continuation of where we left off.

… and all friendships continue. They never die …

Later that evening, my friend approached me and he told me (as we were saying our goodbye) that he was proud and impressed of me and what I was doing. He told me to thank my family for being wonderful to him and his family through the years. I told him the same thing, and that I am proud he will always be a part of my life. For him to watch me grow up to be a strong, independent man means a lot.

Although, to the outsider, it may not seem like much. To others, it may seem unimaginable. To me, it is the purest example of this quote that someone once famous said:

“You have the greatest opportunity of anyone else in your life to have a positive lasting impact upon the lives of others.”

Happy 2017 new year everyone. Good luck to my professors, professor and teacher-friends, colleagues, family and friends on a great year. Thank you buddy. I love you.

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