The New Cause And Effect

The semester is ending and we finished our spring concert. During this time period putting together this hard music, I have learned many things – even from this tough semester I am having. Before I start explaining, the show last night was magical. All my friends, family and some band members came to see the hard work we put in. Not to mention the president of Southern CT State University was in the audience for the whole show.
We talked afterwards and I was happy to know that someone recognizes us as a small but powerful department full of talented people who want to make a difference through music. She met everyone that I brought with me, which was cool. Another reason why SCSU was the best decision I have made in my life so far. Even though we are small, we are going to get music to be the biggest and even more well-developed department before I leave SCSU after I graduate. At least people who came and know about us, even if the whole student body may not know, know that we are part of a positive society – and work hard to accomplish that.
Well, our show’s theme was the music of Armenia, in remembrance of today (Friday) marking the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We had guest speakers talk about our pieces, and we played over two hours of hard music with a close-to-full-house in Gardner Hall. Music and memories were being made. YES people – you can have fun learning History through music! So, here are some of the lessons I have learned through this semester in music and in this semester overall:
  • Attitude is everything.
I have known this for a while, but it hit me this semester. If I was lazy but I had something I need to do, I would do it. My attitude change – from “putting the task off” to making it happen made a big difference in my work ethic, especially when it came down to the wire.
Also, I was focused and positive when working towards the goals I needed to accomplish in order to better what I needed to better. It wasn’t until my percussion professor (private lesson teacher) told me that I “had my musical jury at the end of the month and I have to do all 50 of these exercises perfectly as part of your exam.” Thanks Anthony for your resolve, because that one quote you said to me made me focus even more and give me that drive I needed to now finally work on “touching up” some issues with my playing – since I now know all the music which makes me ready for my final exam jury. Performance majors and our perfection at its finest right here. Lol
  • When people want to help you, LET THEM.
Letting people help me does not come naturally. While this trait is viewed as stubbornness, it is born out of being the rock in everyone else’s life. I am the one who takes care of people. I am the one who does for others. I am the one who solves all the problems. For me to allow another person to help me get into bed, help me get dressed, do the chores around the dorm, cook for me, do my laundry, shop for me, etc., is unheard of! Yet, I allowed (and continue to allow) some very dear friends to do what tasks are still a bit beyond my ability (driving and shopping at this point – I have got the rest of it under control now) since I go out of my way to help them (even writing their papers)! I deserve it once in a while. This was by far the hardest lesson for me to learn, accept and embrace. Yes, there were moments for all my caregivers when I flipped. However, my anger was NEVER because of them and what they were doing. It was ALWAYS born out of frustration at myself. That much is clear.
I can never repay those who cared for me me (and continue to care for me) – and herein lies a secondary lesson:
They do not want to be repaid. They did this out of selflessness. They did all this because they care. They did all this because they wanted to! To let others do things for you and to simply be grateful is what it is all about, I believe.
There are four stages in life. Only YOU know what this something is:
1) You believe in something.
2) You do not believe in something.
3) You become something.
4) You let others be Something for YOU!
  • Only you know what you can or cannot do.
No matter what someone wants you do or thinks you should be able to do, if you know you can not do it – then do not do it! Not all people are made equal. As a human, you have to learn how to sometimes open your mouth, confront people and say “No, I am not letting you do that” or “No, I can not do that and will not try.” Sometimes holding everything in is not the way to go about solving issues in this realm. Bad things can happen and might happen if you do not do this. If someone thinks you are not trying, then find someone else (unless you really are not trying, like myself earlier in this semester).
  • Instructors are part of your problem solving, so accept it.
The more you push the instructor off, the more determined that professor becomes (if he or she knows you). Your teachers know you are stuck and all they want to do is help you succeed in any way, as long as you show that you care about doing well. My biology and geography professor are exactly like that. Hence the reason why I am going to get my grade to at least a C in 3 classes at the end of this semester in two weeks.
  • Eating healthy, sensible meals 3 times each day, with a couple of healthy snacks between really does equal a better person.
Eating a full meal anytime possible makes you more awake in class. This is the hardest lesson I had to learn because usually I skip breakfast or meals. Add in the benefit of also feeling better because of healthy eating and well … duh! Knock on wood, I am not getting sick! Mom preaches this to me all the time. I finally learned?
So, I could continue this list. However, I think everyone gets the idea. Every day, I make incredible strides toward achieving what I plan on. I know the hard work is still ahead of me – both my music and in my education I welcome the hard work because I know better days are coming. Let us face it, this is not my first time to this sort of life maneuvering – so I can already envision being back out on top feeling great for the days to come … AND I CAN NOT WAIT!
It was a great semester of working on a great concert that will be remembered for a long time, and more like these to come in my career and in the life of the university that I am proud to be a student of. Only 1 more week and this semester is OVER and summer is HERE.

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