They Know, They Choose, They Love

Tonight, I got to catch up with a good friend of mine. One would think that after countless months being busy would make it difficult for good friends to get together. Or for that matter, would make it difficult to catch up on the blogging (no pun intended). Well, I can assure you: It does not.

Anyway, we are all set to present at the state FAC 4th Annual BOR Student Success and Shared Governance Conference to be held on campus Friday. It seems like planning for these type of events can be overwhelming, daunting, anxiety filled, chaotic … how about we break out a thesaurus and keep adding to the list.

Yet, when we CHOOSE to silence the “noise” in our heads and dive head-first in what we LOVE, we find ourselves immersed in the present.

Watching people accomplish what they set out to do makes me smile. Talking with them and enjoying their reactions as they celebrate their success is always satisfying. However, it is reminding them that THEY were the ones who came before and paved the way for the future. This is one of the most gratifying experiences a human can have. And to experience this, we have to first recognize that we succeeded in our goal (or quest) and that we are impacting something. It takes deep thinking.

To have these moments in your life, similar to when people in the band world “put on their black clothes” and relive the glory days is something everyone wishes for some point in time. Yet, we know the “wayback machine” does not exist. So, we then have to hold on to our memories, share stories, laugh, cry “remembering when,” and KNOW that other people are going to have the same life-changing experiences that we had and will have – even ones we would never have had if it were not for the fact that, in the words of a famous person:


First we try, next we fail. Then we persevere, and all of a sudden we succeed.”


The hope I live in my life is the one I hope everyone can live regardless of what you do, and the saying comes from the band world:

No matter where life takes you, eyes with pride–ALWAYS.

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