This Is Just The Beginning

Once again, and for the final time this summer, a group of people are about to take that big step into what one student called “the job I always wanted.” Of many things they learned last week, they:

  • heard “activate EAP” for the first time
  • learned how to work with people they did not know
  • learned various water rescues

If you asked any of them, they would tell you they had arrived for the lifeguarding course scared as hell because they did not know what to expect. They had heard about what goes on from other people, but they did not know what to expect. Much not to my surprise, they changed their mind after the course ended.

And they:

  • left with a love for the water
  • left as friends with people that were strangers on the first day of class
  • left with an appreciation for how to do CPR
  • learned how implicit and explicit bias impacts the way we communicate with people we do not know
  • left with a real understanding of what lifeguarding ACTUALLY is


… the list is endless.

And while they are leaving happily with these experiences, I am arriving to a new environment. As I like to think I have crossed the finish line, actually, I find myself at the starting line–one of many that I most likely will stand at many more times as I am moving through this journey called “life.”

Over the past year, I have learned one thing that I have shared with this lifeguarding class as they navigate new opportunities and experiences:


Do Not Wait For “When”

There is no “when.” There is only NOW. Do not be like me and wait for a better time because there is no such thing! To quote Edna Mode from the first “The Incredibles” movie:


“I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.”


Take advantage of what your experiences have to offer. Get after it–NOW! Take advantage of every single day. Whether it is traveling, spend time with your parents and extended family, creating monthly gatherings with co-workers (my new co-workers know what is up!), just do it while listening to sounds of the environment and savor the fact that you are here in the present.

I am so proud of this group of students that wanted to learn … And I am proud that I am able to begin a new chapter in my life story. I am so excited that today, our first day of school went better than ever! It is time to do more amazing things out in the big, wide world. The students I taught past weekend in my lifeguarding class are now part of the “places I’ll remember” lyric …

… and that is exactly as it should be.

Wishing all my fellow teacher friends a great start to the school year!!

More pictures of my classroom and new space to come!!

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