This Week’s Lesson

I am looking forward to year 4 teaching swimming lessons at the waterfront!! A brand new set of swimmers and parents, new ideas – what could possibly go wrong?

In the meantime … here is a little something to think about …

Ask someone what color a yield sign is.
Most people will think for a while and say: “Yellow.”
Then ask them this: “Yellow and what?”
They will think harder and say: “Yellow and black.”
Often, they will not realize the second color (black) is even a “color.” They might just say the yield sign is yellow.
Okay, then you say: “You are wrong about that.”
Next, they will say: “What?” You can then say: “A yield sign USED to be yellow and black. It is now red and white.”
They will then say: “It is?”
You will then say: “Yes, it is.”

So folks, here is the reality on what I am trying to say. The yield sign was changed in 1971 according to the United States Department of Transportation website. It became red and white over 30 years ago. 
However, most people are seeing it in their minds …
from way, way back.
from way, way back.
from way, way back.
These people are not seeing it from TODAY. Because of this, their minds are using a picture from memory — and not from reality.

Now think about the sky (in view of this test). Most people, I guarantee, will see the sky from when they were little children. 
People are not seeing what is above their heads today. 



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