We Can Not Wait For Things To Begin

Anyone who ever participated in a marching band, concert band or any arts activity knows the feeling. There is a “buzz” that starts a couple of weeks before the activity begins. There is anticipation, excitement and even a sense of nervousness in the air. You simply can not wait for it to begin!

And then, quite suddenly, you are in it – and it is exhilarating! With regard to any band, it starts with the first rehearsal. Old friends that you have not seen since the end of each semester are greeted with renewed joy. New members are welcomed in the “family” with open arms. You hold your breath and wait for your four favorite words: “Let’s play some tunes.”

Very quickly, the semester of the ensembles you work in comes to an end, and it crashes into you like a freight train. Suddenly, the excitement of the show is careening toward you; you can not wait to get back on the stage. The first show comes and goes – in a blur, you are pretty sure you did well. However, you do not remember too much about the day.

Then, suddenly it happens … the second phase: “You can not wait for it to be over.”

That is correct. We love this crazy thing so much, however one day the rain starts. Classes get harder, papers to write begin to pile up, and exams just never seem to end. The stress of college life takes over the thought you have that music (bands) begins to irritate you. Temperatures start to drop, and you are wearing so many layers that you can not even hold anything at the proper angle. With each passing week, all you can think about is “when is this going to end?”

Now, end it does … bringing us to the third phase: “You can not wait for it to begin again.”

 You find yourself at the start of the last time for rehearsals. Seniors are starting to cry and talking about how they can not bring themselves to write their “last will and testament” for the band memories. Juniors are realizing they are next. Sophomores are wondering when there will be more experiences to have. Lastly, freshman can not believe they ever doubted for a second they would survive college band life.

Oh, music and band — oh what a crazy thing it is in which we have such an intense love and hate relationship for.

Think about it for a second people … isn’t this true with anything people do in life?

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