What We Do Best Is Entertain

I decided to go to Wolcott’s first football game of the season on Friday! It felt great to know I will always be a part of the Wolcott family; however, it was weird not playing with the band. My buddy, Brandon, and I met up to see the band, as well as Mr. Clement. Need to state that I had a great time seeing familiar faces of the band members, teachers, and community members.
So I am sitting down to reflect on going back to high school on Friday as a college student. The band grew! We now have a total of 28 people in the marching band! 10 more than last year! There we were, watching Wolcott play against Watertown High; and, the band this year seems to have much higher standards of sounding great, as well as working to get ready for the big Thanksgiving halftime show in November.
The game was, well, a non-issue. However, I felt weird not being able to play in the band.
Of course, I might not conduct for the band “one more time” if I were to go to (at least) two more Wolcott games. I can tell the band built a wonderful bridge that should last for a very long time. It was a treat to be able to call Brandon and I an alumni. I also found out the band will not perform halftime shows anymore. This bothered me, because I did not know the reason why; but, time will tell what the high school now decides to do without halftime shows this season. When they decided on something to replace the halftime shows, or when the school decides to bring back the halftime shows, rest assured: the band is ready to work together, and have a great time doing what high school and college bands do best.
That is: entertain!

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