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My composition I wrote for university wind ensemble
will be premiered on Sunday, December 9, 2018 by the Drexel University wind ensemble in Philadelphia.
Only 3 more months before rehearsals!

In addition, my consulting firm website is now
open. Now accepting clients for my course offerings
and opportunities this summer. Let us do
something cool.

Additionally, I want to thank my good friend, Frank, and his company Frank Albano Productions for creating the first of many promotional media for my Elvis Presley
book I am in the process of writing and working on. Check it out! Very impressive!!


… oh, and thanks for visiting this mechanism …


Think about this word: Homosapian.

The word ‘homo’ means human.  And the word
‘sapian’ means think.  Put these two words together and Homosapian is a human who thinks. However, I do not
believe even the slightest that we are humans who think.

So, I have to add another ‘sapian‘ to the word.

And then, we have a new word:




And this is who we are: Humans that think about
our thinking.

Similar to composing, our minds work best when learning, thinking and creativity is both interest driven and production based. The essence of learning,
thinking and creativity is in the overseeing of large-scale blueprints first, then delighting in details. It operates similar to structural glue-not outwardly obvious
in many cases.

Think, learn, and create in the moment.



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